Version 3.0.6 is released

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Version 3.0.6 is released

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One feature enhancement:
  • The maximum vector length is increased from 9 to 99
Several bug fixes:
  • fixed: A memory leak can fill memory with parameter blocks, causing Context Free to crash.
  • fixed: Modification terms of the form x 1 1 n get silently converted to z n. The x 1 1 gets dropped.
  • fixed: transform and clone statements with non-constant symmetry arguments cause Context Free to crash
  • fixed: Configuration variables that depend on global variables fail if the global variable is not constant
  • fixed (Windows): Color calculator generates incorrect CFDG code in locales where the decimal mark is a comma
  • fixed (Windows): Incorrect text (or no text) in some dialog fields can trigger an uncaught exception
Under the hood, many features from the new C++11 language standard have been used. The practical impact of this is that support for OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard have been dropped. I could make a hacked binary for Snow Leopard but I can't guarantee how well it works.