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An opportunity for CFDG artists

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2005 9:09 am
by chris
Hi everyone, I exchanged a few e-mails with this guy Jeremiah. Feel free to contact him if you're interested. -Chris


Hello my name is Jeremiah. I am currently in the very early stages of putting together a feature length independent $0 budget documentary on Fractals and Fractal art. The documentary will focus on fractal animations and has a robust list of contributors so far. The fact that so many people have been willing to contribute their time and effort is what is going to make this documentary possible.

While I was researching various fractal programs I ran across CFDG and was (still am) intrigued by its capabilities and (frankly) the amazing imagery all of you have managed! As much as I love the software I realize that it will take me a while to understand the subtleties of the grammar/syntax. That said I would like to use CDFG to create the opening title sequence to the documentary. I have a pretty clear vision of what I would like but I am hoping that I can find a CDFG artist (yes I consider you guys artists) that is willing to collaborate with me in creating the images. Chris though some of you may be interested.

I can not pay you. I can offer you full credit for the opening titles. If you are interested in such a proposition or would simply like to know more before deciding please email me at:


Thank you,