Beta release of Context Free 2.0 and beta of new CF web site

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Beta release of Context Free 2.0 and beta of new CF web site

Post by MtnViewJohn »

Mark and I have created a new Context Free web site using bitweaver.

The web site is not fully functional yet. It contains a snapshot of the forums and the user list from last November. New user registration is disabled for now and users from last November can login but I don't think you can post anything or change wiki pages. I will work with Chris on getting a current snapshot of and then we can transition fully to the new site.

New Features in 2.0ß
  • New output formats: QuickTime movies, SVG vector graphics, and JPEG (Windows only)
  • Ability to control size of border around images
  • Z-axis support for controlling which shapes go on top and which go behind.
  • Simple loop syntax to eliminate tedious repetition of shapes
  • More predictable rendering algorithm: always renders the largest shape
Bug Fixes
  • transparent backgrounds are now handled correctly
  • Find/Replace work under Windows
  • Mac dialog edit control bug fixed