New features on the gallery for Creative Commons licenses

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New features on the gallery for Creative Commons licenses

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Two new features have been added to the gallery that are for users that are interested in Creative Commons licenses:

1. You can change the license for all of your uploads with one step. Click on the My Uploads link in the left-side navigation column. You should see a link at the top of this page that says "Click here to change the license on all of your artwork". Clicking that link takes you to a Creative Commons license form. If you fill out the form and click on the Change License button then all of your uploads will be changed to that license (or no license at all if that is what you choose).

2. If you are looking for Creative Commons licensed artwork on the gallery then click on the '(cc) Only' checkbox in the left-side navigation column. This will cause all of the Newest/Oldest/Title/Random listings to be restricted to uploads that have a Creative Commons license. There is no way to restrict by license type (e.g., must allow remixing, must allow commercial use, etc). But it's a start.