Scripts for Noobs

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Scripts for Noobs

Post by jde »

Hi everyone,

I'm really excited to start programming but I can't seem to find a list of all available shapes, or a clear explanation of how to set the various parameters. The tutorials on the site are not incredibly helpful. Does anyone know of a good tutorial for a complete beginner? My only experience with programming includes some MATLAB and some Python...


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I couldn't agree more Joe


I found this software and website in CPU magazine (April 09 issue). I absolutely love it, but you are absolutely correct in saying there is no straight forward (newbie) explanation on how to begin. I have gone through most everything piecing code together, but I am getting discouraged because there is a lot of guess work going that route. I sure hope someone decides to provide some user-friendly “how-to’s”

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Post by TorfusPolymorphus »

You could start with the design ideas in the documentation. Go through the examples, look up any stuff you don't understand in the docs and start playing around. A lot of the fun in CFDG comes from trying stuff. Another great way to learn (after you got the basics covered) is to simply browse through the gallery. If you find an image you like, take its code and try to understand it by breaking it down. And of course feel free to post any remaining questions here in the forums!

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