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Logo of

Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 2:40 pm
by whatcode
The logo for is a CFDG design.

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CF::Background = [a -1]

startshape what

shape what { loop i=(16) [] if (!bitand(9921, 2^i))
  block [s 115 x (123*div(i,4), 123*mod(i,4))]

shape block { SQUARE [] }
shape block { SQUARE [b 1] }
And this screencast also shows two other CFDG designs, but doesn't explain the code at all :/ The part of the video that uses CFDG starts at 26:37 and goes to 30:10.

I've also been posting CFDG designs on Twitter at @_whatcode.

Thank you to everyone who helped create CFDG and this community!