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Post by DarDev »

Hi !
I just update CF but...

The does not work on my computer (i5 desktop with Windows 10 familly 22H2)
When I start CF, the tab "welcome.cfdg" is empty with light blue background. Same with other examples.
If I move the tab and turn it into a window, it seams to work displaying code and graphic, but if I click "Render" nothing happen, just the variation letters change. If I change the size of the window, the graphic does'nt update either.
I can create a new file (in window not in tab) and type a new code, but same thing, the render does not work.

I will try with my other computer soon (i7 laptop with windows 11)

In the meantime I go back to my old 3.1 :wink:

I just tried on my other laptop running Windows 11 and it works, but no longer works if I turn the tab into a floating window.
Is not working with my older one running Windows 8, same blue empty background.
Seeing the size of the icons, my newest computer have a 4k display, and only HD for the others, so too big icons in the menu and render button on those screens.

I use CF with my students. I will bring some other older versions for tomorrow's class for those that won't work with the lastest...

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Re: does not work

Post by MtnViewJohn »

I'm sorry about this. I will try to bring up an x86 development environment and see what's happening. The only significant bug in version 3.3 is that path operations cannot have multiple flags.

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