ContextFree a program with windows ?

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ContextFree a program with windows ?

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Hi everybody.

I'm completely new on this forum and I hope you can help me.

I discovered this program in a pdf file about fractals.
I work under LINUX mint, and installed it with the recommandations in the readme file.

It seems it works with the command line of the shell :
Capture d’écran_2019-10-06_08-40-36.png
Capture d’écran_2019-10-06_08-40-36.png (54.5 KiB) Viewed 39114 times
I obtain something like this :
mtree2.png (22.08 KiB) Viewed 39114 times
My question is simple. Googleing ContextFreeArt, I saw that the program has a window version, so it's possible to edit the scripts. I don't know how to make it appear. Maybe I didn't search at the right place. Is there a specific file to launch ?

Thank you for your help, I didn't found the answer in the FAQ.
Have a nice day.


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Re: ContextFree a program with windows ?

Post by MtnViewJohn »

The installer for the Windows version can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

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