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also about genetic & image

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If some are still notified on this topic: ... mona-lisa/

maybe it's a little bit off-board here, but isn't it cool?

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andrewborrell wrote:I know it's been a long time but I hadn't forgotten about this genetic CFDG idea. I've been working on a tool to perform mutations of CFDG files, it will mutate the file exactly in the ways I described a few posts ago. I've also written a python script to automate the process of mutating files then rendering them and then reviewing the results, with a pause after each generation for the user to choose their favourite of the offspring.

The project is still in a fairly early stage, but it has already produced some interesting images, take a look at to see some of the pictures created using this tool. The source code is also downloadable from the page.

There's still loads more I would like to make the tool do, like sexual reproduction between two CFDG files rather than just asexual mutations. The page linked to above has more info about what the tool does and the improvements I'd like to make (or for somebody else to make).
Awesome! I love python myself, and will probably take a look at the tool sometime :)
I am actually working on an audio context-free art program.
I want it to be able be close enough to the standard CFDG syntax that folks who are familiar with CFA will almost seamlessly be able to work with CFAudio.
I'll setup a page like you have for your mutation program, and maybe you'd be interested in checking out what I have, I may even be able to re-use some of your python (maybe, I still haven't tried it out). Cheers!

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