Perl based bitmap image to rule converter

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Perl based bitmap image to rule converter

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I spent most of last summer having a good old play with ContextFree. However, the one thing that I missed was being able to use bitmaps and manipulate them like the primitives that CF supported. So, already having written some code to convert images to HTML I set to work making a bit of code that'd convert bitmaps into SQUAREs so that they could be used as shapes within CF. The code iterates through the image and creates a suitibly coloured SQUARE for each pixel. The code and an example image is available at

The code that makes images into HTML is also up at

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Re: Perl based bitmap image to rule converter

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Thanks for making that available, but note that similar scripts have presumably been used for some of the pieces in the gallery marked with tag=artworks. Your sample picture is a nice use of a bitmap image, though.

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