Yearly top 3 or top 5 submissions?

Let the developers know what you think of the software and what can be done to either improve the CFDG language or the Context Free program.

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Yearly top 3 or top 5 submissions?

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This is mostly for MtnViewJohn but perhaps for others.

I have discovered cfdg many years ago - it's awesome (actually way before my current
account here, which I created in 2014; I think I knew cfdg since ... 2007 or something
like that).

Personally I am too dumb to ever fully understand it (yep sorry, my brain isn't able to
grok it fully), but I just love the generated art.

Recently I watchted the gallery again.

Like nightbeard feather:

I like that.

And many others.

Would it be useful to make something like a yearly vote for the best
CFDG submission for the given year? Where people could vote,
and the e. g. top three cfdg could be awarded. It would be no
monetary reward, just one of fame and reputation and praise.

Not sure if it is worth to add code for that, but I wanted to suggest
it and perhaps there is an overwhelming army of people who'd like

An advantage for this could be that people could quickly look at
the "all time top three per year" and get inspired by epic cfdgs.

There are many epic cfdgs but some are definitely better than
others, and I think many of us may be interested in the most epic
CFDGs too.

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