Black-white instead of colours in an easy way?

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Black-white instead of colours in an easy way?

Post by shevegen »

sometimes an image looks better in black-white (most of the time the colours are better though)

Is there a way to add a rule at the start of a cfdg file which ignores all successive colourizations ?
So that you can quickly produce a non colourized version of a cfdg file. (I reckon this would be possible with imagemagick too, but I am also asking because I curiously want to know _if_ this would be breaking a rule of cfdg files. At second thought I think using imagemagick may be an easier solution anyway)

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Post by MtnViewJohn »

Sorry, but no. As soon as there is one hue, saturation, or alpha adjustment in the cfdg file then the color mode switches to 32-bit RGBA. This wouldn't be very hard to do. Maybe we can put in a force-monochrome mode and a force-opaque mode to override the color output in the next version.

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