Complex Operations and CLI in Windows

Let the developers know what you think of the software and what can be done to either improve the CFDG language or the Context Free program.

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Complex Operations and CLI in Windows

Post by LazyMoon »

Two suggestions:

First, I know it has been discussed before, but a command line interface for Windows would be extremely helpful. I began an art project using ContextFree and I spent a long time rendering the image manually when a command line interface would have really sped up the process.

Second, at present all iterations of a render occur at a percentage level, however, it would be very helpful to be able use some other mathematical operations to control changes in properties. Such as the ability to alter the size or change position based upon a function. For example, if I could pass the x and y coordinates of an shape through a sine function, creating a bell-shaped curve, than I could produce some very interesting designs that aren't easily accomplished with the current language. I'm not sure whether this would be against the context free grammar principal, but its worth a thought.

Cheers :D

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Post by MtnViewJohn »

The fastest way to get a CLI under Windows is to install Cygwin. I looked into making a CLI version using Visual Studio but it was very painful. Maybe the windowed version could check for command-line arguments and use them instead of starting up the window.

Gaining access to the x and y position would definitely break the context free paradigm. But it would be possible to add additional parameters and a suite of math functions. This should get you what you want. I will add it to the list.

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