Changes comming to the gallery. What do you want to see?

Let the developers know what you think of the software and what can be done to either improve the CFDG language or the Context Free program.

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Post by shevegen »

I think this would not be a bad suggestion per se, but i am not sure if a real removal would be necessary. How about something simpler, like giving points or similar to an image, and adding a user option to profile like (pseudo code)

if rating < '2 stars'

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Post by MtnViewJohn »

I should just add the ability for moderators to delete these images. I look at the gallery at least once a day.

Having a user preference for only viewing highly rated designs does not seem very community friendly to me. If many people did that then who would give votes to new designs? When I get around to adding voting I will add the ability to sort output by popularity.

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