open .cfdg file from winexplorer

Let the developers know what you think of the software and what can be done to either improve the CFDG language or the Context Free program.

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open .cfdg file from winexplorer

Post by markie »

When i try to open a cfdg file directly from my winXP explorer, the program won't open. Is this a bug or something with my system?

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Post by MtnViewJohn »

The same thing happens on my system too. I think the code that generates the shell registry keys that are used for opening cfdg files is broken. I will put out a new 2.1 beta release soon that will delete the bad shell registry keys and generate good shell registry keys.

If you bring up the task manager after trying to open a cfdg file to you see 'Context Free' processes under the Processes tab? I see one Context Free process for each time I try to open a cfdg file. You need to make sure that there are no Context Free processes before installing the next version. Either kill them using the 'End Process' button or reboot your machine.

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