Parameterized Animation Mode / AE Plugin?

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Parameterized Animation Mode / AE Plugin?

Post by Afreet »

First off, let me say that I just discovered ContextFree a little while ago, and I'm loving it. Awesome job!

One thing that would be very cool is to have the ability to generate animations based on parameterizations in a source file. For instance, an animation might be the set of frames generated by adjusting a particular rotation value in my cfdg source over a specified range and then drawing the entire output image each time.

Right now, I'm doing this via perl script - doing a replacement on my source file, and invoking the CLI to render out a set of PNG frames that I can then import into AfterEffects. It's a little slow and tedious, and highly space-inefficeint, but it works.

Not sure how much work this would be, but what might actually be even cooler would be to write a ContextFree module that is an AfterEffects plugin, and allow those sorts of things to be parameterized via the AfterEffects interface.

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Post by markie »

Yes! parametrized sequences would be very cool.

I 'd also be happy with an movie-export function for a sequence of random variations. (f.i. AAA - AAZ would give a movie of 26 frames with as much variations of the cfdg)
Even simpler would be to be able to autosave a sequence of images, created by a given range of variations. It would make creating animated gif's or other movies much easier.

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Post by MtnViewJohn »

One way to get parameterized cfdg files is to run a cfdg file through the Gnu m4 proprocessor and then pipe it into cfdg.

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Post by blausand »

Hi there,

i wonder whether a workaround like the above (Preprocessor) is straight enough for the scope of users context free might have, or not: Wouldn't it be simple to add parametrization to all of it?

Greets from Cologne,