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Post by artcage »

is it possible to make import static BACKGROUND PHOTO PICTURE in future versions? I think it will be very usefull for compose :roll:

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Post by MtnViewJohn »

If you set the background to transparent

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background {a -1}
then you can compose your image manually in any decent image editor. If we add the feature of drawing images onto shapes then we can also add drawing images onto the background.

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Background image

Post by artcage »

Yes, Im waiting this feature (dynamical drawing script onto the static background picture)

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Post by mycelium »

CFDG would be very useful and easy to use as postprocessor for adding effects to pictures generated with other software.

What i'd like is the possibility to use the information of the background picture (that doesn't need to be drawn).

For example, in a statistic way, you apply or not the rule in each pixel of the picture depending on the brightness of the pixel.

this is very context sensitive but would be very nice ;-)

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composition of 2 images

Post by misofap »

When you have generated an output image with transparent background and you want to "draw" it on some other picture (photo), you can use ImageMagick for that:

composite -dissolve 100 -gravity center [picture_generated_using_cfdg]
[photo] -matte [output_picture]

composite -dissolve 100 -gravity center taco2.png P1010007_small.JPG
-matte taco2_comp.png

For more info about composite command, see

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