Copying a recursion

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Copying a recursion

Post by Zirgion »

What I mean is copying (a part of) the image, or more specificly a recursion path, and for example rotating, scaling or translating it.

If I recall correctly, the renderer doesn't retain the recursion path in any way, so it would have to be done by resetting the random seed to a certain point.

Of course I can always render only a part of the image and then afterwards do it manually (or by a script), but it would be handy for it to be a part of the grammar.

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Post by MtnViewJohn »

I'm afraid that this would violate the fundamental paradigm of context free grammars that Context Free is based on. We could do this for the entire image by creating a special drawing canvas that duplicates as it draws. This is how the tiling feature works. But to do it for only part of the image requires context-sensitive manipulation of the design grammar.

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