Grammers for Generative Art @ Sofia University

Let the developers know what you think of the software and what can be done to either improve the CFDG language or the Context Free program.

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Grammers for Generative Art @ Sofia University

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I wrote to CCoyne on email about this a while ago, but as I saw another post, now I want to share with you that I'm giving a full semester lecture series named "Grammers for Generative Art" at Faculty of Maths&Science at Sofia University, Bulgaria. The lectures started in October, I'm giving them once a week, and we've already covered Context free in detail, we even had an exam on CFDG. Some 40 students visit the lectures. BTW, the most recently joined user here is among them.

I've shared my presentations (in Bulgarian) on Slideshare, now doing my best to get them in English :

I laso did one lecture on Structure Synth, and I'm planing to cover L-Systems (we tried to a L-System curve last time we had the class, just to get the students to understand how CFDG is different). As a matter of fact - I believe everyone would love to see a rewrite-enabled path-generation system in the forthcoming CFree version alongside a feature to enable limits on certain rules (Structure Synth-alike).

I'm soon to share a script that helps convert from arbitrary SVG script to CFREE rules, and also a script to convert arbitrary image into pixel-calls suitable for CFDG rules.

Recommendations for other topics of interest that may get covered are welcome.

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