Version 3.1 is released

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Version 3.1 is released

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New features in this release are:
  • The bare bones cfdg text editor has been replaced by the Scintilla text editor component.
  • The gallery uploader has been improved:
    • Upload to new gallery.
    • Support Creative Commons v4 licenses.
    • Tags can be set at upload, with auto-completion for using existing tags.
  • Support macOs Mojave dark mode.
  • Unicode characters in names are normalized to a canonical form.
  • The action bar at the top of the window has more capabilities.
  • Command-line version can parse cfdg files and output the abstract syntax tree as JSON.
Bug fixes:
  • Mac OS9 line endings are supported.
  • Examples can be included/imported into version 2 or version 3 cfdg files.
  • Ill-formed cfdg files should not crash Context Free.
  • Typos in example cfdg files fixed.
  • PNG save on retina macs fixed.
  • Crash on mac when uploading to gallery fixed.
  • Works with macOS Mountain Lion (but not Lion).

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