allow tagging on website

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allow tagging on website

Post by stuaxo »

It would be good if the gallery allowed tagging so people could search by them, "yellow", "circles" or whatever :)

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Post by MtnViewJohn »

Would only the uploader be able to set tags or should anyone be allowed to add tags. Maybe anyone can add but the uploader can also delete tags. Thoughts?

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Post by Guigui »

Good idea Stuaxo.
Also "anyone can add a tag but the uploader can delete it" is very sensible.

Another thing that could help is a search area in the Lookup menu of the Gallery.
e.g.: I remember an artwork about a 'small world'. I type 'small world' and I found "It's a small world afterall" by Tijn. The search engine may also look in the comments, it will help. BTW, I'm not sure the Lookup by design #id is so usefull (who remember design #id more than the name?)

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