Symmetry groups broken on current Mac version.

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Symmetry groups broken on current Mac version.

Post by kipling »

Looking at the latest "code golf" I thought I'd give it a go.

Current gallery code gives:

Parse error - pmg symmetry mirror axis argument must be 2 or 3
Context Free Version 3.0.8 (40) on Mac. 8-(

I did a bit of poking, and it looks like axis 0 in pmg symmetry on a mac is broken. Also the transformations in the wallpaper groups that do work seem strange. I don't have time to do much poking around just now, but will come back to it.

On the code golf thing, the good news is that I think you may be able to shave a few bytes off. You only need to specify half the shape, so

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path d{ARCTO(1,1,-1)ARCTO(0,2,1)}
and get the symmetry to fill in the other half.

Hand-coding a symmetry group works:

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CF::Symmetry=[],[f 90],[f 0],[r 180],[x 2 y 2],[x 2 y 2 f 90],[x 2 y 2 f 0],[x 2 y 2 r 180]
but the built-in symmetry groups seem to be doing really strange things.

Also put "startshape d" at the end to save a space char.

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Re: Symmetry groups broken on current Mac version.

Post by MtnViewJohn »

Dang. I didn't notice that because the issue is fixed in my development build. I have version 3.0.8 in my Application folder but my mac always chooses my developer builds unless I go to the Finder and explicitly run the v3.0.8 binary.

I was going to hold off on Context Free v3.0.9 until Microsoft releases the final build of Visual Studio 2015. But I guess the VS2015 release candidate is solid enough.

I have also migrated to Github here since Google Code is going away.

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