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If you have a design you're proud of, share the cfdg file here. It's also a good place to ask for feedback and collaborate.

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aihle wrote:You do realize that a similar attempt to create 3D Context Free Designs already exists?

I did not read the whole thread in detail but it sounds like Structure Synth does the same.
Sure. Structuresynth is listed at the links page of my website.

The generate routine in Context3 has many differences to the one in StructureSynth. The latter builds a scene of relatively few shapes that can be rotated on the fly; Context3 enables scenes of up to millions of shapes. There is no 3D accelerated canvas now, but the output quality seems to be roughly on the level of the Context Free application. Expressions is another major difference.

Do have a look at the tutorial menu in the app. The web site as for now is a bit stuffed.

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