Free Contest for Context Free: A Single Line of Code

If you have a design you're proud of, share the cfdg file here. It's also a good place to ask for feedback and collaborate.

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Free Contest for Context Free: A Single Line of Code

Post by SebastianMelmoth »

A Free Contest for Context Free:

First off, hatliftinggestures into the round,
Seb Melmoth here, CF noob (but ancient geek)

I thought it might be fun to see what one can do
in a single line of code within CF...
and after coming up with a little starter item,
the challenge goes out to you:

How much complexity, beauty or silliness can you cram into one line??

I went for an effervescent scintillating recursive circloid frax spiral :
posted in the gallery as well "sm CircleFrax oneliner.cfdg"

Setup is not counted of course
background {b -1}
startshape i

So here is the actual line:

Code: Select all

rule i {CIRCLE{b 1 sat 1 s 0.9} 2*{s 0.3} i {h 9 r 9 x 0.9 y 0.9 s 0.96}}
Changing any parameter will of course result in utter mayhem,
but a few have sensible ranges.

Go ahead, use that UPLOAD function right within the app in the File menu..

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Post by SebastianMelmoth »

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Post by kipling »

Welcome Seb!
There have been several attempts at minimal code. Rather than "one line" I had some results playing with "one rule" (remove all line breaks to make it one line if you like) and then with "most design from fewest bytes", which ended up being one-liners.
Have a look at my gallery contributions: ... by=kipling where several are one-rule designs, and several are around the 50 byte mark, most of which are "setup".
See also the discussion on regarding byte-minimisation.
There are also a fair few very short designs that predate any of mine, but the gallery is too long to trawl through for them.

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not so much "minimal code" as "CF as an educa

Post by SebastianMelmoth »

Thanks Kipling,
I am actually not really that desperate for "minimal code as an art form",
but it seemed like a fun thing to stimulate a few of the old pros to contribute something - even old favorites.
As you said, the gallery is far too large (a good thing, really :) ) to look through it casually
just "to see if anyone has been in that space before".

And of course, I have seen many of your lovely pieces, Kipling, including the tiny 53, 49, 43,
but also the complex creations like luminous, minerals, city and Bom...
I would probably even say that the really-designed perspiration-induced works
are clearly superior in any sense of aesthetics other than the pure minimalism for its own sake.

I was actually after something else:
Really my intention was also : to give newbies something to copy really fast
and then marvel at the complexity from such simple starting conditions.

This, to my mind, is probably CFs greatest strength:
to get to very complex output,
without any compromises in quality,
in such immediacy and ease.

The one-liner challenge hopes to induce even people 'just lurking a bit' to give it a try:
come on, copy that ONE LINE, and examine:
what could it POSSIBLY contain to create THAT weird result !

:D :!

Editing the variables, probably just half a dozen, to see the effect... "how hard can it be ? "
is a playful way to get into very serious mathematics
and the core of programming almost on the side.

I understand that that too, "CF as an educational tool",
has been covered somewhere, sometime, someplace in this lovely wikiverse,
but I might elaborate on it a little more some time :)

Waving into the round of old established CFians,

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Post by marinax »

Can we all make this election a campaign for liberty and not a beauty contest? Has this contest boiled down to looks or because of a woman? I think it already has as mostly has from the beginning.
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