Check out these trees - possible with CFDG?

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Check out these trees - possible with CFDG?

Post by shevegen »

Hey guys pls have a look at this here:

It reminds me of the cfdg tree, but actually I wonder:

- I can probably create some trees in cfdg that look like the "right" side of the pic, but i dont think i can create those detailed trees on the left side. they look really cool, do you guys think that such is at least possible in theory with cfdg?

One example:

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Post by nak »

Yep, I would say you could do it with enough will <3

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Post by Guigui »

Well, I think this is too 3D for CF, but some alike designs may be possible.

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Post by kipling »

Guigui's assessment is fairly accurate - CF is approximately 2.1 dimensional. You can do a lot with careful layering to get fake three-dimensionality, but is takes a lot of thought to get realistic shading, sensible occlusion, etc.
I have some code for approximately 3-D trees but they were pretty cartoony. Not gallery quality.
Nom has been working on a fully 3-d version of CF. There is an announcement in the forum somewhere.

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Post by Nom »

I don't think that the structure is theoretically possible. If you look at the size of the leaves, they are almost the same at the top of the tree and on its lower branches. If you "grow" (actually shrink!) a tree in Context Free, there will be no way of telling, how to make the leaves the right size.

Mind how complicated the general formula for trees is in the reference.

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