(another) Javascript implementation of Context Free Art!

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(another) Javascript implementation of Context Free Art!

Post by shoutis »

Hi folks,

I made a little weekend project: a javascript version of the CFDG interpreter; my writeup and a demo is here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6600185/cfa/cfademo.html

It's less mature than Algorithm Ink (http://azarask.in/projects/algorithm-ink/#0656fbe7), but I do plan to continue to keep developing it. :)

Thanks to some of the CC-licensed gallery examples as well for test & show-off fodder.

Let me know what sorts o' bugs you're seeing; I'm sure there are plenty! Code is at: http://github.com/danshoutis/cfa-js

Thanks and cheers,
-- Dan

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Re: (another) Javascript implementation of Context Free Art!

Post by Banjo »

Very nice Shoutis, thanks for sharing. I'm using it now.
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Re: (another) Javascript implementation of Context Free Art!

Post by ehhc »

I know this post is years old, but I just want to tell you something.
I wanted to use your code (thanks for sharing), but I have to change one small thing... and I have to admit: I've never seen code that is so confusing before....
I am a JavaScript developer with over 8 years of experience and have absolutely no idea what your code does or how to customize it to my needs.... as far as I can see, it could do anything... I wonder that it didn't print "skynet is alive" and tried to kill me....
Just saying....

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